Welcome to my blog!

Hi Everyone!

l’m sharing some of my paintings because they need some audience! Nothing better than this place to get some noise! l love my paintings ,but honestly ,it’s not everyday that l’m able to sell one ,so why not to show them off to everyone out there?

Well,l hope you enjoy them !

Thank you!


Three Marys/Tres Marias

This painting is about my sisters and l ,we’re  three ,and we’re looking for the three sisters stars in the dark sky .Obviously that never happened , but it’s all about sisterhood,being together no matter what ,the dark color on the back  not only means the dark sky but the troubles in our lives .

It’s all about colors!


6 thoughts on “Welcome to my blog!

  1. Wow. Very nice Linda!

    Your paintings are beautiful and show sensuality and daring. Good luck you are very talented.

    I’m proud about know you. Give me an autograph as soon as possible!!!

    A lot of kisses. We love you.


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