behind the colors


capoeira71x100cm (2)

l painted capoeira long time ago,as a brazilian,l wanted to show a bit of my country in Japan,so l decided to paintCapoeira,it is an afro-brazilian martial art .Well,for me to paint it,l had to get some help from a capoeira teacher.l phoned him and he explained all the details ,then l was able to do some work.when l was almost done,l called him again with all the details of what l had done ,when he said to me that ,their clothes had to be all white!and l had painted them all colorful !then he said that ,their pants should be white ,at least.So ,l had to repaint their pants ,it was hilarious !But you can see the result .. l do like this one.

The history of capoeira comes from the slavery in Brazil,the  slaves used to train some fight movements in the afternoon ,and in order to avoid any suspicion from their owners ,they used to play those instruments,sing and dance ,as if it was a dance ritual,when the truth was that,they wanted to get out of there .

And the famous dish called Feijoada comes from the slavery too.The farm owners used to eat the best parts of porks and the rest was actually thrown away.But the slaves having a poor meal ,added the rest ,like ears,tails,feet in the black beans and it became the most famous brazilian dish !Isn’t it interesting?

It’s all about colors!

Throwing the ball

‘Throwing the ball’ was painted two  years ago for two group art exhibitions in  that year,and for my surprise,it was choosen to be the postal card for last year’s exhibition at Nagoya International Center!l was so happy that l  painted a serie of this last year for the show! As you can see ,it’s a female figure composition with some moves,jumping ,all the adrenaline that we have inside us.The colors are vibrant ,happy and quite crazy in a good way ,of course.I’m proud of her !

It’s all about colors!

Mullato lady


This painting’s story is also cool .l had painted a serie of mullato ladies a long ,long time ago.l had a solo exhibition at a brazilian restaurant owned by a japanese and one of the customers bought this one for the cook (she’s brazilian).She kept it at her place untill she got her own restaurant !Now ,everytime l go there for dinner ,l can see this wonderful piece ! Isn’t that fantastic ?



               I had some of my artworks published on community magazines and newspapers as well.It helped me a lot!

Some flyers from past exhibitions……


Well, l don’t paint flowers for exibitions,but my flower side makes me do some once in awhile……this one l painted on a black canvas using gold and white acrylic colors .l like it !


I painted some fish in celebration of my beloved father who loved fishing.

Losing my father has not been easy to keep going on .There is a whole in my heart that l have trouble dealing with my feelings ,but he comes to my dreams sometimes and when it happens ,l wake up with some comfort in my heart.

l love you very much papai.

Mama and her little one in sunflower field

I very much missed the famous and glamorous sunflowers on Van Gough show , that l decided to paint some in my way . There are lots of sunflower fields that beautifully yellow the hot summer in Japan .

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